My WordPress account is hacked!!!

Dear readers,
Thank you for all of your love and support❤️. Thank you for reading my decent posts and appreciating them by liking. Unfortunately, I will not be posting any for a while, as my account has been hacked! What is even more disturbing is the person who is using my account even without my knowledge was shameless enough to like one of my posts and that’s when I got to know that he’s misusing my account by linking to his dirty website ( And the person is so cheap and characterless that even after reaching out to him and warning to delete the website ( linked to my account, he ignored my warning and to provoke me he liked even few posts of mine!!! Guy’s name is Srijan, someone from a technical background. He has created a website ( using my WordPress account – Mysterious Life which directly connects to his other dirty website ( If anyone can help me with how to get detached my account from his website that will be of great help🙏. Or else till then I find some solution for this, goodbye for a while. Once again shame on you Srijan…Your degree is nothing just a piece of paper…

My genuine followers are only 36 whereas using my account he has gained 183 followers.
The website for which my account is linked 😠!!!